Stop Racial Profiling

Make America Great Again

With President-Elect Donald Trump’s shocking win and the ever increasing voice of white supremacy groups, comes an onslaught of racist comments which has gotten several Americans to stop and think. Does the slogan ��Make America Great Again’ entail an ethnic cleansing of the region? Are a hidden majority of Americans racist? White supremacists believe that […]


The New Ku Klux Klan Movement in America

On November 8, 2016, in a political shock that turned the system upside down, Donald J. Trump pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in electoral votes and won the United States presidency. Since Trump claimed the Oval Office, the United States has been in a complete uproar, with new racially-charged incidents occurring daily and riots ravaging […]


America Is Racist Because The Church Is Racist

Sadly, racist behavior and racial prejudice is alive and well throughout America, including within The Church. We cannot simply ignore it; pretend it does not exist and hope it goes away. It has to be spoken about, it has to be addressed. The history of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, or AME, dates back to […]

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