How can we eliminate racism in baton rouge today ?

how can we eliminate racism in Baton Rouge?

How can we eliminate racism in baton rouge Baton Rouge is not only the capital city but political hub of Louisiana. The city boasts of growth in industries, research and medicine among others. In the recent past, it has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons – racially related killings. How can we eliminate racism in baton rouge today ? Now, what brings chills on our backs is that the very people who should be protecting the minority are the ones eliminating them. The case of Alton Sterling is still fresh in our minds.

What many do not know is that there have been many such cases in the past which have gone unreported. One wonders, where was the media? Why did they choose to give this issue a blackout? It is an open secret that racism is rampant here and people who perpetrate it are the ones who should stamp it out. Anyway,

The importance of leadership dialogue on racism.

Dialogue was an important aspect in annulling the nuclear arms generation and putting an end to the Cold War. It is not just dialogue we are talking about here – it is the willingness for the people in authority to talk with all the parties involved and end racism.

The importance of community dialogue and involvement.

Dialogue will only be effective if it involves all the stake holders. Communities in Baton Rouge should be allowed to engage positively with each other. how can we eliminate racism in Baton Rouge The organizers of these events should help participants to overcome racial divisions and embrace their cultural differences. This will heal the racial ills and divisions that have dogged us for decades.

How to deal with the pink elephant in the room.

Someone said that if a mother tries to hide her nakedness during child birth, she will kill her own baby. For us to deal with racism in Baton Rouge, we must be honest and face the facts however painful.

How can whites eliminate racism in Baton Rouge?

White people are in an exceptional position to persuade the perceptions of other white people. They should use it to influence their friends and families so as to heal this society.

Even though I’m a black person, my life is just as important as a white person.

Many black people have lost their self esteem and settled for crumbs. Remember, people will look at you the same way you look at yourself. Refuse to settle for less – even if you must work ten times more than other people.

Eliminating racism is a community effort.

The death and destruction of racism is a community affair. We need the young, old, people in authority and people from all walks of life to assist. However, we all must have a shared goal – we are all equal.

Step out of the comfort zone and eliminate racism.

Few of us want to be seen swimming against the current. However, history will judge us harshly if we fear to confront this vice. There must be a willingness to tackle and eliminate racism.

Racism is evil, inhuman and conniving. Although it has been allowed to thrive in Baton Rouge for decades, time has come for all of us to “hold the bull by the horns”. We must be ready to “bite the bullet” for the sake of future generations. Where there is a will there is always a way! I hope I have answered your question on how can we eliminate racism in Baton Rouge?

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