Church Leaders Must Confront the Racism in the Church and Unite the Body of Christ

Let’s confront the racism in the church. Church leaders have a moral and spiritual obligation to end racism in the church. Racist behavior and discriminatory tendencies have no place among a group of people raised up by the Holy Spirit to proclaim God’s goodness to the four corners of the earth. It is both alarming and heartbreaking to know that Christians, God’s ordained agents of love, are the same people that blatantly or inadvertently foster hate and intolerance in the world today. Church leaders must find the courage and the wisdom to confront and purge this evil from within.

Systemic Racism in the Church and in America
It is not the US Constitution or a universal charter on human rights that introduced the idea that all men were created equal. It is not the laws of men that brought to the pinnacle of global consciousness the inherent value and sacred nature of every single human being on this planet. The core idea that defines and strengthens the principles of equality, freedom, and the right to pursue happiness did not come from the pens of intellectuals, because the seed of the idea came from God. In various forms and in different occasions God made clear his intense desire that none should perish. Christ died for both the chosen and the rejected. Racism is a shameful thing. African Americans are deemed inferior and prone to criminal behavior. On the other hand blacks are not always willing to turn the other cheek, they know exactly what to say to cause deep hurts, digging deeper into defensive positions, and unforgiving hearts live to fight another day.
Church Leaders Will Play Crucial Roles
In light of recent events, and considering the economic and social consequences brought about by intolerance and discrimination, it is high time to confront the evil of racism within the Body of Christ. Church leaders must play a critical role. They need to tone down the rhetoric and intensity acts of kindness and acts of service. The glamour of church leadership must learn humility the Jesus way – washing dirty feet, dining with the outcasts, and fighting for the oppressed. Church leaders must acknowledge the fact that racism is systemic, bolstered by traditions and stereotypes. Church leaders must work hard towards a change in mindset; they must lead the way in confronting the root cause of racism, which is an unlawful idea that exalts itself against the wisdom of the Almighty. Let’s confront the racism in the church and unite the Body of Christ.

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