Fire and Fury: Controversy within Trump’s Administration?

Fire and Fury: Controversy within Trump’s Administration?

Fire and Fury: Controversy within Trump’s Administration?Michael Wolff’s latest release, Fire and Fury: Controversy within Trump’s Administration? instantly became an international bestseller on Amazon, after some of the published excerpts from the book revealed shocking details and quotes with regards to Trumps administration. Ever since the book Fire and Fury went public, Trump’s administration came forth to criticize both the author and the contents of the book as well. Sarah Huckabee, who serves as the White House Press Secretary claimed that author Michael Wolf is an author who fabricated many things in the books, just to ensure that his book became an international bestseller. According to Sanders, author Michael Wolf has never interviewed America’s president, Donald Trump.

Fire and Fury: Controversy within Trump’s Administration?

Nonetheless, amidst the claims, author Wolff came forth on the Today’s Show and claimed that during Trump’s campaign, he spent more than three hours with Donald Trump. According to Michael Wolff, his novel, Fire, and Fury is based on more than 200 interviews, most of which came from sources that work very closely with Donald Trump. Michael Wolff is an author whose trade involves writing about some of the biggest Medias and businesses. Wolff is famously known for his book on Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul, the founder of Fox News, Sky UK and several other high-ranking news corporations.

Why is Fire and Fury Controversial?
President Donald Trump has been among the many persons who came forth to criticize the book openly. Trump indicated that he did not give the author any access to the White House and he actually remembers turning him down on several occasions. According to Trumps Tweet on Friday, Fire and Fury was filled with lies, sources that are unrealistic and misrepresentations. Nonetheless, Michael Wolf has come forth and claimed that Donald Trump’s criticism is doing no harm but is instead helping him with the book sales. It is important to note that author Michael Wolf is not new to criticism. A while ago, Michael Wolf’s book on Murdoch did raise similar questions especially when it came to his credibility. According to an article authored by David Carr for the New York Times, Michael Wolf is a highly skilled writer who can sense weakness and extract information too.

Nonetheless, author Michael Wolf has come forth and dismissed the various questions surrounding his credibility. According to Michael Wolf, he believes that someone who has very little credibility on the entire earth cannot question his credibility. With that said, despite the fact that many individuals, serving under Trump’s administration coming forward to question the credibility of , author Michael Wolff still raises some key concerns and issues that cannot be easily overlooked.

Steve Bannon

Bannon was disavowed by Trump for critical comments reported in the book Fire and Fury, and left Breitbart. A self-described economic nationalist, Bannon advocates
Fire and Fury: Controversy within Trump’s Administration?
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