Jesus was not a Racist

Jews always considered Samaritans the worst racists. This reference is because the Samaritans were very hostile and inhospitable towards the Jews. For this reason, the Jewish pilgrims always lengthened the journey to go around Samaria. The Jews cursed the Samaritans publicly not only in synagogues but also Jewish courts where Samaritans were not even allowed to testify. They said that the Samaritans were not part of the eternal life but Jesus who was a Jew mixed freely with the Samaritans. He gave the famous story of a Good Samaritan where the robbers had attacked a Jewish traveler where they beat him leaving him half dead. Two Jewish religious leaders passed by but ignored their fellow Jew, but a Samaritan took him in for care after bandaging his wounds (Luke 10:25-37). Jesus was answering a Jewish lawyer who had asked Him, “who is my neighbor?”. This parable was an excellent example of how we should relate and treat with those people whom we differ. Jesus taught us the open kindness no matter who we are.

In the book of John 13.34, Jesus commands each one of us to love one another as He loves us. In saying that we love one another, He never meant one race, but He was referring to all races and ethnic groups. Love teaches us to shun away racism. Also in Matthew 25, Jesus tells us that whatever we do to the least of His brothers, we do it to Him. In case we treat a given person or race in contempt, then we are mistreating a person or race God created in His image and for who Jesus died.

After feeding 5000 Jews, Jesus traveled into the Gentiles territory. He ate and drunk in a Gentile home. When He was coming out from the Gentile home, He talks to a Gentile woman. This conversation is an evidence Jesus was not acting like the Pharisees and some of His followers who segregated themselves from the gentiles and sinners.

When a gentile woman asked Jesus to heal her daughter in Matthew 15:21-28, Jesus did not answer, but the woman persisted due to her faith in Jesus, and Jesus spoke to her in a certain way that is sound rude to people who have not understood the Bible well. Jesus said, “it is not good to give the children’s food to dogs.” When we check the word dog in Jewish, it means a puppy/small dog (KUNARION). The Jews while referring to a dog, said “KUON” not “KUNARION” used by Jesus. As compared to traditional Jewish, there was a significant difference between their response and that of Jesus. The actions of Jesus were in line with this context. He showed that the Jewish traditions where the unclean people and foods were put apart should be eliminated. We see Jesus healing the Gentile woman daughter for the compassion He has for all the people.

Jesus, the savior of all races, died on the cross not only to save the Jews from sins but also for the Gentiles to have access to the eternal life. If He was a racist, He could have died for the Jews and not everybody in the entire world. It is through Jesus that we are united as one race under Christianity. Before He ascended into heaven, He told His disciples to go to all the nations and spread the good news by baptizing the people in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He talked about all the nations, not a particular country or group (Mathew 28:18-20).

Since Jesus lead by example, our morality and actions should be coined from what He did and His teaching. He never loved Himself more than He loved us. He was selfless in all He did.

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