If the Kingdom of Heaven Is Not Segregated,Then Why Is the Church?

Remember those popular groups we used to have in school? Have you ever walked through the doors of a church and felt as if you had walked into the wrong popular group? One that you were not needed or wanted? Segregation in churches today is the order of the day. What makes the issue worse is the fact that it has taken various forms including, status segregation, racial segregation, tribal and career segregation among others.

1. Nowadays we have ” black’ churches and ‘white’ churches. In these congregations, the top leadership (Bishop, Reverent and pastor) all the way down to the last member is of a certain skin color. The issue is so dire that no one dares going to a church whose members are of the opposite color.

2.Christian fraternity seems to have accepted this as the norm and very few people seem to care anymore. One wonders; if the bible is true and the kingdom of heaven is not divided, why is there so much segregation in the church today? Why have Christians allowed the enemy to fill them with this evil and hindered the very gospel that they so much wish to share with the world.

3. The church is no longer like their master. One of the reasons that Jesus was extremely controversial when he was here on earth is because he loved humanity. He loved tax collectors like Mathew, healed Jairus’ daughter, forgave and delivered Mary Magdalene who was initially a prostitute and he ate with sinners. The pharisees during that time were like the current church. They had segregated certain people in the society and expected everybody else to do so.

4. There is also political segregation in churches today. Various churches support certain political parties and the gospel is tailor-made to suit these ideologies.

5. Jesus came with a mission, “to save the lost”. He did not allow the politics in the religious cycles to control and blind him to his mission. It is the love he showed humanity that pulled sinners to him like a magnet. So, why does the church of today think that they can succeed any other way?

6. Truth be told; religious segregation is not love; it is hate. It will not and cannot bring the lost souls to the kingdom. If anything, it will push them away. The only thing that will draw all men to Christ is if the Christians lift him high. They do so by loving one another (1 John 3:11). When the world sees the love among Christians, they will want to become followers of Christ.

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