Know why we need to Stop Racial Profiling

Know why we need to Stop Racial Profiling

Racial profiling has been a deeply troubling national issue in the United States. Although some claim that the United States has entered post-racial era, profiling still occurs in different parts of the country. Some law enforcers and private security seem to target particular racial group for humiliation, frightening detentions, interrogations and investigation for criminal activities without evidence. Most of these racist seems to face their activities on perceived race, national origin, ethnicity, and religion.
Race Stereotype dates back to the time when slavery was abolished in the United States, and it persisted every after reconstruction period. It continued up to these days in various media, news, advertisements. Although covered up in public eye, unlike before, racism itself is still inexistent. Although various people who involve themselves in laws enforcement and government are entitled to opinions, their opinions sometimes have negative perceptions of some racial groups.
We need to stop racial profiling as it violates the U.S. constitutions, which promise equal protection to all citizens and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. profiling alienates some communities from law enforcement, which affect the community policing efforts and a number of citizens have lost credibility among law enforcement.

A report from the Ontario Human Right Commission reveals that the effect of racial profiling raises significant human right issues that must be responded. The cost of such issue is simply too high and is imperative to swift and effective action that will help to stop racial profiling. The commission has come up with some actions to address profiling. Racing public awareness is among the most recommended actions needed to mobilize public action to help put an end the racial discrimination. Public awareness can also help to bridge the gap between those who deny the existence of racial profiling and those communities who believe that there is the existence of race profiling.

It will take a general change of perception and attitude toward African Americans by everyone to stop racial profiling. However, such a requirement might not be realistic as it is very difficult to change everyone’s mind. People have their opinions, and some people will always remain racist. The best way to bringing to an end the racial profiling, creating laws that ensure that law enforcers are not stopping individuals without reason; they should be reasonable in whatever they are doing. Some black Americans have quoted testifying how they were pulled over for little to no reasons by the law enforcers. This paints the police in an untrusting and unsettling light by their fellow citizens.

 Stop Racial Profiling

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