Stop Racial Profiling

White people often disguise their racism

If we observe and focus on various incidents which had taken place during the dark days of slavery and even after that time period, it has been proven, on several occasions that many white people have racial issues which makes them want to stand apart instead of mixing around with black people. Apparently although the […]


Racism in the workplace

Racism or racial discrimination at the workplace can be observed when the company’s behavior is altered based on race or ethnicity. It is thus experienced or witnessed by employees in different forms such as harassment, indirect and direct discrimination or victimization. Research indicates that racism is tremendously increasing with almost a third of employees experiencing […]


Modern Day Jim Crow

Although the controversial Jim Crow laws were eliminated in 1965, yet still, after half a century, black people in America are far from achieving true social equality. Some even go as far as to say that the Jim Crow legacy still haunts the American society and black lives are heading back to slavery. Are the […]


Jesus was not a Racist

Jews always considered Samaritans the worst racists. This reference is because the Samaritans were very hostile and inhospitable towards the Jews. For this reason, the Jewish pilgrims always lengthened the journey to go around Samaria. The Jews cursed the Samaritans publicly not only in synagogues but also Jewish courts where Samaritans were not even allowed […]


The Importance of Law Enforcement in our Society

Without proper law enforcement, the rule of the law would mean nothing. There would be no one to protect you from harm and violence. Humans are social creatures, and we tend to live in cities, villages, and communities, where interaction among our peers is almost inevitable. Unfortunately, there would almost always be those who would […]

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