Stop Racial Profiling

Know why we need to Stop Racial Profiling

Racial profiling has been a deeply troubling national issue in the United States. Although some claim that the United States has entered post-racial era, racial profiling still occurs in different parts of the country. Some law enforcers and private security seem to target particular racial group for humiliation, frightening detentions, interrogations and investigation for criminal […]


‘Uncle Tom!’ Racists go off on Larry Elder after debate with Marc Lamont Hill!/laidybug45/status/502180486434017280 Conservative commentator Larry Elder appeared this afternoon on CNN, where he debated network commentator Marc Lamont Hill on Ferguson and, ultimately, racism in America: Elder did his best to argue his points, but not everyone was interested in listening. In fact, they seemed downright sickened by the fact that he was there:!/_Elle_Spencer_/status/502173250345238528 As it turns […]


Ebony editor says racial profiling ‘root’ of Zimmerman!/VitalyKroy/status/365538592220659713 MSNBC’s report today on the “Ebony Magazine controversy” did clarify at least two things: first, that there is no Tea Party boycott of the magazine’s celebrity “hoodie” issue, and second, that Ebony editor Amy Barnett doesn’t seem to understand the criticism of the cover. Not that there isn’t plenty of controversy over Travyon Martin’s shooting and […]


Lindsey Graham suggests bombing suspect be treated as enemy

Amazingly, the “entirely hypothetical,” “unlikely” and “extraordinary” circumstance that inspired Sen. Rand Paul’s epic 13-hour filibuster in March demanding answers on the Obama administration’s domestic drone program is proving to have real-life repercussions just a month later. Would it be legal for the administration to use lethal military force against an American citizen in an emergency […]

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