Stand up for Black Lives and End Police Violence

Stand up for Black Lives and End Police Violence

Stand up for Black Lives and End Police ViolenceIn the past decade, the black lives matter movement has garnered a lot of support as a result of repeated murders of mostly unarmed black people by the police. You don’t have to be black to acknowledge the fact that there has always been an imbalance in the American justice system based on color of the skin.

1. Police Violence Against Communities of Color

There have been numerous reported cases on incidents where policemen used excessive force when dealing with African Americans resulting in serious injuries or even death. In some of these cases like the recent shooting of a young 22 year old Stephon Clark in Sacramento, the victims were unarmed and posed no threat to law enforcement. We do understand the fact that at the end of the day, the world is a much better place with the police protecting us. We also know how dangerous and risky the job is and the need for police to use whatever power they have at their disposal to protect themselves in case of a threat. However, we should not allow young black kids to grow up in a world where they have to live in fear of the police even when they are doing nothing wrong. In some cases, it is clear the police were under no threat. For instance, the evidence in the Stephon Clark incident shows the police shot the unarmed victim 8 times in the back. I don’t know about you but to me this is murder. They didn’t have to shoot the guy 8 times to realize he did not have a gun and posed no threat.

2. The Modern Day Lynching of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LA

Another incident in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where police killed Alton Sterling during an arrest sparked outrage due to the way law enforcement handled the arrest poorly leading to the shooting of the victim in cold blood. Even though it can be argued that Alton Sterling had a gun and was resisting arrest, the way the officer was threatening to shoot him even before explaining why he was arresting him shows intent on the side of the police. The people who witnessed the incident said the victim never wielded the gun or acted in a threatening manner to the police even though he was shot several times.

3. It’s Time for White People to Speak out Against the Injustice of Black People in America.

The list of such incidents just keeps getting longer as people just stand by and watch. The worst part is the police officers who are involved in such incidents are rarely indicted or even given as much as a suspension for their actions. What this means is that police will keep killing black men unfairly because they know they can get away with it and majority of the American people do not care since they are not affected.
This should not be the case. It is unfair for any American to fear even walking on the street just because the police do not like the color of his skin. It is time for all Americans who value human life to come together and

Stand up for Black Lives and End Police Violence

The only way this will work is if white people also join in the fight to protect black lives. They form majority of the population and are the only ones with enough power to transform the current unfair justice system. We all need to work together to ensure that the law enforcement officers who murder black people pay heavily for their crimes.

Stand up for Black Lives and End Police Violence

Mapping Police Violence

Stand up for Black Lives and End Police Violence