Stop Racial Profiling

If the Kingdom of Heaven Is Not Segregated,Then Why Is the Church?

Remember those popular groups we used to have in school? Have you ever walked through the doors of a church and felt as if you had walked into the wrong popular group? One that you were not needed or wanted? Segregation in churches today is the order of the day. What makes the issue worse […]


Church Leaders Must Confront the Racism in the Church and Unite the Body of Christ

Let’s confront the racism in the church. Church leaders have a moral and spiritual obligation to end racism in the church. Racist behavior and discriminatory tendencies have no place among a group of people raised up by the Holy Spirit to proclaim God’s goodness to the four corners of the earth. It is both alarming […]


White people often disguise their racism

If we observe and focus on various incidents which had taken place during the dark days of slavery and even after that time period, it has been proven, on several occasions that many white people have racial issues which makes them want to stand apart instead of mixing around with black people. Apparently although the […]


Racism in the workplace

Racism or racial discrimination at the workplace can be observed when the company’s behavior is altered based on race or ethnicity. It is thus experienced or witnessed by employees in different forms such as harassment, indirect and direct discrimination or victimization. Research indicates that racism is tremendously increasing with almost a third of employees experiencing […]


How, in these times, can Social Justice ever prevail?

How, in these times, can Social Justice ever prevail? While it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the sense of faith in the current social justice upheaval, faith is the only common denominator that liberates us from the current social injustice that we are seeing, daily, on our television screens and sometimes in our very […]

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