How, in these times, can Social Justice ever prevail?

How, in these times, can Social Justice ever prevail? While it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the sense of faith in the current social justice upheaval, faith is the only common denominator that liberates us from the current social injustice that we are seeing, daily, on our television screens and sometimes in our very own streets.

Why are we in this situation? How did we get here? How do we get out? How do we feel safe from our own governments? When we see our brothers and sisters being shot in the streets by our own law enforcement, how do we maintain our faith that ensures our own safety?

The reality is that we are all scared. We feel like any minor violation of the law or perceived violation of the law may end in our death. We think about our children, our sisters, brothers, parents and friends and hope that they might be safe. If we live in a blighted neighborhood, we might feel a need of protection for the very same people that may kill us if called. It seems that no one is there to protect us. Not even our God, as we watch people die in the streets from a gunshot wound perpetrated by those we actually pay and entrust to protect and serve.

So how do we fix it? When everyone is in fear, perceptions become a primary factor in decision making. In life and death situations, these perceptions become even more fixed in nonsense realities.

Liberating Faith means knowing that you will always be safe. Liberating Faith results in overcoming misperceptions of reality. Liberating Faith means doing the right thing even when it is not the easy path. Political Justice will only occur when all people make, for themselves, a reality, that Liberating Faith will prevail. Only then will you be strong enough to stand up to the social injustices that continue to fuel the fires that we read about daily in our news. We must take the necessary steps to ensure that we are not succombing to the fear that is driving the great divide. Only when we all realize that we are all just people in this together will we gain the respect and fortitude needed to drive our society toward more humane treatment of all. We must have faith in ourselves and our fellow human beings and know that we have both the fortitude and perseverance to take the high road.

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